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Unpublished lectures, talks, and bibliographies ...

Philosophy of the Social Sciences ...

The Heterogeneous Social (PowerPoint)

New Developments in the Chinese Social Sciences

Epistemological Issues in Economic History

Levels of Explanation in Social Science (PowerPoint)

Kin, Class and Identity: Microfoundations for Social Identities (PowerPoint)

ICPSR Lecture: Causal Realism (PowerPoint)

ICPSR Lecture: Philosophy of Social Science (PowerPoint)

New Philosophy of History ...

Towards a New Philosophy of History

Key questions for the philosophy of history

Historical Concepts, Social Ontology, Macrohistory

Social Kinds and Comparative Research (PowerPoint)

Causal Mechanisms in Historical Sociology

Causation in Meso-History

Causation in Meso-History (PowerPoint)

Transportation as a Large Historical Factor

Transportation as a Large Historical Factor (PowerPoint)

Mentalités, Identities, and Practices

Plasticity of the Social

The Involution Debate

Loud Voices in the China Field: The Involution Debate (powerpoint)

Much of this is now included in New Contributions to the Philosophy of History.

Globalization and development ...

Towards a Global Civil Society

Well-being and Poverty in the Developing World

Rural Development and Inequality

Democracy and Development

Alternative Development Strategies for Third-World Poverty

Poverty-first Strategies of Economic Development

Normative Constraints on Economic Development Theory

Equality and International Justice: Comments on Satz

Putting the Poor First

Many of these themes are developed in The Paradox of Wealth and Poverty: Mapping the Ethical Dilemmas of Global Development

Encyclopedia articles ...

Causal mechanisms



Exogenous and endogenous variables

Ethnography, ethnology, ethnomethodology


False consciousness


Hermeneutic explanation

Inequality measurement; Gini coefficient


Marxism, communism, and women

Philosophy of economics

Philosophy of history

Philosophy of social science

Scientific realism

scientific social knowledge


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